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I think you've captured this star perfectly.

The first thing I got as a visual was: This is a entertainer. She's not attempting to satisfy herself just for herself, she's showing off. The obvious use of makeup, the sultry look on her face, it screams 'Look at me, enjoy me, devour me, fuck me'.

There's nothing meek about it - it's pornographic and raw.

So you've got the impact right off the bat and it leaves (almost) nothing to the imagination.

Although her left breast is kind of high, I'm guessing this is not quite a static picture. It's like she's in the middle of a ride or she is twisting her body in motion.

Her skin tone and texture looks so good. Great use of makeup, her hair is full and thick. The fold in her side showing a realistic twist. It's really well done.

Lastly, what is she looking at? Is she looking down at her current lover? What scene is she doing? Or maybe she's just enjoying an automatic lover? Whatever she's seeing, she's enjoying it.

Love it.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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